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See the house that is names after Julius Malema



Kwa Malema is a house that was built by EFF member in the Eastern Cape we’re he painted this house with EFF colours and name it after the Malema, and now many people are attracted to this house that has been named after the commander in Chief of the most growing in party in the country.

Malema is one of the famous politicians in this country and everyone recognise him during his time in the Anc youth league were he was making scary comments about the white in this country, which has created lot of problems for him because the country nesrl got divided.

This house is fully given the EFF a full recognition in the town and it might help them a lot as theynarach the elections next month.

The house is situated in the Qebegha in the Nelson Mandela bay municipality were it is dominated by DA and UDM, we’re the likes of Angile Lungise are coming from this place.

The EFF are looking forward to be in charge of this municipality that has been experiencing a lot of problems in the past.

They were many cases of councilors that we’re fighting each other in the council meeting which landed Andile lungisa to arrested.

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