It ended in tears today as Top ANC Member loses his Job


Here in South Africa we all know that ANC is one of the most powerful political leading party. They have been going through a lot, looting money, ministers resignatios, Suspending ANC members and we all saw other members got arrested in ANC government. The party needs more serious prayers. And we all know that to lose a job is something difficult, that can cause a trauma in your life and more depression.

Half of South Africans are unemployed and they desparately need a job. But today we just received sad news that says Mogoeng Mogoeng’s term as Chief Justice will officially end at midnight. He became a Constitutional Court judge in 2009. Two years later former president Jacob Zuma appointed Mogoeng for the position of Chief Justice after Justice Sandile Ngcobo’s term of office ended. He will be missed for his honesty and commitment to upholding the constitution. He was correct about the vaccines which is a world wide method of people control. PCR tests are fake. We always said so.

1. They are no longer funding Royal events.

2. They are no longer saluting the King.

3. They have erased the billboard with Zulu kings for an ANC election poster.

So many people in South Africa must know that Politics is a game of perceptions, and a line between perception and reality is very blurred. The Ramaphosa brand is trusted by voters and the compromised ANC brand is benefitting from it. Voters don’t make decisions based on memes, twitter polls or outrage. The man is loved. Cyril is loved and he will remain South African president until his haters got tired and accept him. The ANC government and the president Cyril Ramaphosa are investing more money for South Africa. There’s no money is being eaten by ANC members. Even single cent. The money is save and invested.