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Contract signed: Cyril Ramaphosa has sold us, The new world order mandate has officially arrived



Social Media has been turned upside down, following an act of what is deemed as the biggest betrayal by a South African President.

An open letter has been making rounds on social media detailing the events should follow after the digital vaccination card has been officially and successfully implemented in the country.

According to the inside source, these are the events that are to occur, post vaccination cards implementation:

“In a few short months,the people that the media refers to as “scientists”, will declare that growing your own food (plants or animals) is unsafe. That is when the government will then make it illegal to grow food in your own background- and if you don’t have the up to date vaccination certificate you will not be able to purchase food from the multinational corporations.” said the letter.

Many people come out to corroborate this letter, as they recall that seeds were not sold in stores as they were deemed as “non-essentials”. This is truly a dark time because soon it will be a must rather than an option to get vaccinated, or else you will face the troubles of becoming economically locked out.

A few weeks back, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that there will be vaccine cards that will be implemented, to differentiate vaccinated people from those who are not- this decision was followed by an incentive that if you are vaccinated you will get a free pass to watch soccer matches free of charge. These incentives are not coming from the goodness of their heart, which makes one wonder why they are so desperate to achieve herd immunity.

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