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Scandal| Caiphus sentence might hunt the Khubekas



After the horrible accident that has happened on NFH last month in Newtown and the Khubheka family was working hard every day to make sure that they get someone that they can blame, for this accident that has killed people where the likes of Quinton has also lost his life on that scene.

But the found breakthrough earlier this month after promising Caiphus R1 million so that he can take the fall of Zenzele who look more discouraged, about what has happened because he was irresponsible to have caused this bad thing which is starting to cause a war between two families.

Now Caiphus has just realized that his employers have sold him big time after he was sentenced to 15 years in prison, where he was promised 6 months if he comes forward and confesses about this horrible accident and now it might be over for him because his bosses didn’t use all the connection that they have.

The drama is always keeping many people standing on their feet because of the content that they produce every day where they bring more interesting storyline that will teach people, about the things that challenge them in their lives which is more interesting for young people.

Will Caiphus become clean this time because the prison life is not good and to be sentenced for something that he didn’t do is also something that can ruin his life, and also can cause problems for his marriage that has already raised questions for many people in their community.

The drama will be more entertaining in the weeks to come because many people are waiting to see what will happen to Caiphus and the Khubekas. After all, Dintle is out to get the truth that he wants so that he can get closure from who killed his boyfriend.

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