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Muvhango| Love is in the air between Gugu and Vutshilo



Gugu find herself in relationship with Vutshilo,and she will regret because Vutshilo is younger than Gugu, Gugu tried to ignore Vutshilo, but she failed, because Vutshilo was not willing to give up on her, Vutshilo was always there for Gugu and telling her how much he care about her, Gugu was trying to threaten Vutshilo but Vutshilo didn’t listen.

Gugu will find herself in a serious trouble because she is Vutshilo’s boss and everybody will think that Gugu take advantage of Vutshilo, even though they didn’t know that was Vutshilo who started, Vutshilo tried to tell Susan about his relationship with Gugu, but Susan did support it, because Gugu is her peer.

Sometimes is easy for two people to take a decision, but it will not be easy for other people to agree with it, like for an example, Azwindini was in love with Boipelo and he was not willing to listen anyone who was trying to warn him, So now it is Vutshilo and Azwindini will not going to agree with it, it will be easy to blame Gugu for everything but they didn’t know that she was not the one who started Vutshilo.

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