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Ramaphosa missing Ipad nearly cost the country



Before the president started to address the people in Cape Town yesterday things went Wrong we’re he was looking for his iPad, at the moment that he was about the address the people on a podium the president was all over the place and he was also confused as well.

Someone stole my Ipad Ramaphosa speaking in front of the people who attend the meeting yesterday, I don’t find my iPad the president continues to speak as he looks confused but speaking in a calm way we’re he was still looking for his iPad.

It was not good for the president at all but his professionalism works for him because he was calm but looking at how he was looking at his missing iPad, you can see that the president was not in a good condition at all that day.

This has made the people all over the country react on this issue where the president was not finding his iPad, but maybe the person who should be blamed is his assistant because he could have taken care of him.

Maybe the president we have to add more personnel to his office to take care of these things, because it’s the work of the personal assistant to make sure that they take care of the president, also to organize everything for him.

If the Ipad of the president went missing it means the country might be at risk where terrorists might take advantage of it because it contains sensitive iinformation, like the minutes of the previous meeting and the diary

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