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Magashule vs Anc battle of powers who will win?



The day the whole country has been waiting for is finally here. Today we will see who is the giant in the African National Congress. The court date for Magashule to take the ANC to court was chosen to be the 24th and 25th of June.

This means that Today and tomorrow sparks will be flying in the high court as Magashule tried his level beat to unsuspend himself and place Cyril Ramaphosa under suspension.

According to Ace Magashule, he was targeted using the whole step aside rule by the African National Congress.

He states that the step aside rule never existed or was paid attention to until Cyril Ramaphosa’s side of the ANC decided it no longer needed him and had to get rid of him soon enough.

This can be seen by how no one else in the whole African National Congress was out in the spotlight with regard to the step aside rule except for him.

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