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Ntsiki Mazwai attacks Makhadzi



Ntsiki Mazwai cannot get away from trouble again after she has written an open letter to Makhadzi about the picture that she has posted on Twitter during the weekend where she was wearing the Anc clothes, and this has been raising lots of talks during the week between her supporters.

Mazwai started the opening by thanking Makhdzi for the talent that she has where she had given hope to many women across the country, but the matter gone worse we’re she said that clothes that she was airing if the Anc represents poverty and the party are not the same like year’s ago.

Most people were comparing her with Brenda Fasie but Mazwai says during those years Anc we’re powerful and meaningful.

The future of Makhadzi in the industry is under a serious threat because people have raised ld lot of comments on this issue.

Her supporters are members of different political parties and it’s clear that she is supported by young people.

These young people are supporting EFF and DA which makes them angry after seeing these photos on Twitter.

Can the Queen of Limpopo music apologize to her followers because they are divided?

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