JazziQ is in big trouble after accused of sacrificing Mpura and killer Kau for Illummunate


JazziQ is on the wrong side of many music lovers this morning after the accusation was made against him of killing Mpura and Killer Kau to join the dark world.

This is known as illuminate, in the past months many people were very shocked about the deaths of these two artists.

He is also trending on Twitter this morning where people are making a lot of reactions about how they feel about this issue that has been reported, which might cause a have blown for his career where many people might start boycotting his music which can be me f the things that people can ignore.

Maybe this time many people will try to understand how it felt for many artists in this country who are facing these challenges.

JazziQ has denied this allegation that he’s facing but people want more than that so that they can believe that he is speaking the truth.

Can this be a lesson for many artists in this country that they must try to behave well because it can ruin their careers?