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Mzansi musician Tyla sings along to Mark Ngwazi



Renowned Grammy-winning artist Tyla has set Zimbabwean social media abuzz with her recent TikTok video, where she showcased her vocal prowess by singing along to Mark Ngwazi’s sensational hit, Taurai Madzoka.

Earground Africa, on both Facebook and X, reposted Tyla’s TikTok, capturing the South African songstress immersing herself in the lyrics of Mark Ngwazi’s compelling track.

Mark Ngwazi’s Surprising TikTok Triumph

Released in December 2020, Taurai Madzoka by Zimbabwean sungura artist Mark Ngwazi took the social media platform TikTok by storm. Ngwazi, initially unaware of the song’s potential, witnessed it transform into a viral sensation, with countless users incorporating it as the background sound for their videos.

The sungura artist has been thrust into the limelight because his song brought him a lot of recognition. Many local celebrities and TikTokers have posted videos singing along to the song, especially during the COVID-19 era.

Adding to the song’s international appeal, Jamaican-American reggae sensation Alaine found herself trending three months ago when she posted a video singing along to the same captivating track by Mark Ngwazi.

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Fans Applaud Tyla’s Rendition

Zimbabweans and fans worldwide have showered praise on Tyla for her engaging video, speculating its potential positive impact on Mark Ngwazi’s sungura career. Here’s a glimpse of some enthusiastic fan reactions:


It’s sad that his management never capitalized on this song


Mark ngwazi is the only international artist in Zimbabwe at the moment


First was Alaine now Tyla Mark muhombe


One munhu anoimba chirungu paSungura….. Njanja to the world!

As Tyla’s video resonates across social media platforms, the future looks promising for Mark Ngwazi’s Taurai Madzoka, solidifying its place as a cross-cultural musical phenomenon.

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