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Zandile Khumalo pays tribute to her mom and husband



Zandie Khumalo writes a lengthy note about the important people in her life.

Thr South African singer kicked off her note by talking about her sister, Kelly Khumalo.

“So as u might know my sister is like my twin and I can speak to her about everything and she will always heal me however because we are so alike u find that most of the time we go through the same blessings and challenges so at times there are things she cant assist me with coz naye she is going through the same things,” she wrote.

Zandie explains that in places where Kelly can’t be of help to her, then her mom and husband take over.

Speaking about her mother, she said: “..If God can make me half the woman she is I would be so grateful, Akusiyo imbokodo le iganda qa!!”

”Yeah she’s that soft and she’s taught me that softness is not always a bad thing akasiye lomuntu oziqinisayo athi kuzoba right isimo esibona siyabheda no if there’s a situation emphethe kabi she breaks down shame and she can break down hey,she cries but u know where her magic is at? it’s at how she will build herself back up with prayer afterwards „it’s such a beautiful thing to watch and to learn. She has such conventional ways of doing things and my God they are so fulfilling, my prayer warrior this one.”

Zandile calls her husband an arrogant man, but reveals other things she likes about him.

Then my husband,a very arrogant person, used to despise that about him but as I got to know him better I learnt where that comes from and respected it, very arrogant but very self aware,grounded and wise. So there’s something that I have always wanted and have been working on it for a while and sometimes when I’m stuck he becomes my navigation system.”

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