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Most people still love Zuma in Marikana after this



The pictures have been going around on social media this Wednesday of the former president Jacob Zuma when he visited Marikana after the tragedy that has hit the people of that area, where mine workers have been killed by the police when they were demanding better salaries.

Some have provided many social media followers about the picture of Jacob Zuma when he was sharing some personal things with this person, where he was comforting them during the difficult times that they were facing when the police killed some of their colleagues.

Zuma has been described as one of the nice people by people who know him individually and they think that the media is the one that has made him look like a bad person, and the picture shows how he was interacting with the people of Marikana and how he was in touch with their sadness.

Some people have also said that the relationship between Zuma and the people of Marikana won’t be broken easily because he attended that area after this killing has happened, while Cyril Ramaphosa has been promising people to attend that area but he didn’t.

Nine years have passed but Ramaphosa who. was owning the mine hat made this person be killed has not yet attended and most South Africans are still expecting the president to attend, because he might try to heal the wounds of those who have lost their loved ones on that protest.

There have been many things that have been happening in that area where many people have getting their houses and they are a lot of expectations from the people, of this country to see the current president fixing this issue that has happened in that area where they think the president has to apologize.

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