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Free Zuma| Mzanzi demands Jacob Zuma out of prison



The war between Jacob Zuma’s children and Cyril Ramaphosa is far from over after Duduzane Zuma has started to make huge demands to Ramaphosa, who thinks that he must be arrested because of the CR17 statement that he won’t want to reveal to the nation.

Free my dad, that is the demand that the son of Zuma is making to Ramaphosa so that they can be fair to those two were the constitution doesn’t take aside, because it was claimed that Ramaphosa has the upper hands over Zuma because of the powers that he has as the president.

CR17 statement has been one of the things that have caused chaos in the national assembly where other political parties were taken Ramaphosa to court to seal those documents, but the president of the country has become victorious in court where he wins every case.

The future of the South African judiciary is at stake where many leaders are starting to think that the whole judiciary is captured by certain people, but this is true because of the whole drama that has been happening in the country where Ramaphosa has been winning all cases someone might think that.

What made many people wonder is when the public protector lost her case against the president and this has exposed the weakness of the office of the protector, we’re most people were respecting it because of how they handle other cases in the country during the past years.

It has been a while since this office has won the cases that concern the office of the president and with the likes of Duduzane Zuma making demands like this, things might get tougher for the president of the country as tries to build unity in the African National Congress.

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