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Duduzane Zuma has confirmed he will take on Ramaphosa for Anc president in 2022



The situation at the Anc corridors is scarier than in the old days because of many people who have to decide about their future as they must choose which side they must support at the coming national conference that will be held next year, and this might also be a nightmare for many leaders.

The defeat of Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma in Nasarec was a huge test for many leaders in the party where they had to make choices of which side do they fall into, because Ramaphosa became onto power and comrades wanted to enjoy the benefits that had before by supporting the president.

But with the son of Jacob Zuma confirming to be campaigning to be the president of the party in 2022 things might be different as Ramaphosa supporters, might change sides and support Duduzane because he comes with the new plans that will take the country forward where young people will take the lead.

There’s a lot that South African youths have been going through and their voices have not been had by the current Anc leadership which Zuma might use as a plan to defeat Ramaphosa, who has been facing many accusations of denying his CR17 documents to be disclosed.

The likes of Ace Magashule are out to support Duduzane because of the friendship that this two were having where his father has been a true friend to the suspend sg of the party, and this time the alliance might be stronger because they have the common enemies to face.

The road to the 2022 conference has begun and the future of Ramaphosa is at stake because he will be tested, by a young man who comes with a vision of looking on the future and bring more young people into government and introduce a free education to all tertiary organization.

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