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Magashule has no authority to suspend Ramaphosa, the court has decided



The court of law has found Ace Magashule unlawful about suspending the current president of the Anc Cyril Ramaphosa in winter when this two were fighting each other and this has been one of the things that have caused a huge blow, in a party where Magashule took the party to court.

Magashule will have to come up with a new plan so that he can tackle this crisis that he is facing because he has failed in the court of law, and this time things might be difficult for him because the law has to take control and deal with this matter on the court of law which is what the country has been waiting for.

The step aside resolution that was taken by the party in Nasarec of those who are implicated in corruption, must leave their positions so that they can clear their names in court then they will return to their positions when their names have been cleared.

Magashule has been one of the people that has been on the frontline of those who are accused of corruption in this country were the Guptas family are also the link of doing business with him, we’re they have stolen money in the Free State provincial government during his term as the premier of the province.

But the evidence that was provided on the state capture commission has made things worse because he was also arrested by the Hawks, where he handed himself to the police station in Bloemfontein we’re later he was granted bail by the magistrate court that morning.

Can Magashule accept this defeat or continue to fight for his rights where he will take this matter to the constitutional court, as he will be trying his chances of returning to the party that he has worked hard for when he was fighting the democracy of this country during apartheid years.

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