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Magashule has bigger plans to claim his position back



The suspended Secretary-General of the African National Congress Ace Magashule had a terrible day on Monday we’re his appeal of gaining his position back in the party was rejected, by the Johannesburg magistrate court where they said that the suspension that he made against Cyril Ramaphosa was invalid as he had no authority to do that.

Reports that are coming from Magashule camps are that he is making many consultations with his legal team to come with another strategy that will help him to claim his position back in the party, which might start to cause headaches to the current president of the party.

This means the battle between Ramaphosa and Magashule is far from over as Magashule plots another strategy to fight his position back in the party, but Ramaphosa is also looking to walk out victorious at the 2022 conference in Nazarec we’re he will be trying to get his second term as the president of the party and Anc.

The situation in the Anc is very tense this day. were most leaders are fighting each other for the sake of saving their position due to toys resolutions that we’re taken in the conference in Nazarec, and this means that they will anything in their power to make sure that they remain in power.

But the CR17 has been getting more power which changed the shape of the entire party where they have been using the Zondo commission as a playing ground for settling this score, and it has worked wonders for them because most of the leaders who were involved in corruption are now arrested.

The next coming month will be hectic in the Anc and what is more concerning is that the election is around the corner, and this means that the party has to be united like never before so that they can win this coming local election in November and Magashule might be a huge threat.

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