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Lesedi Fm Ba2gada return to his old show



Many people were left happy this weekend when the Lesedi FM presenter announced that he will be hosting his old show this Saturday at 9 am, this has been what people have been looking at all these times where the presenter was motivating them on the show.

It’s not clear if Ba2gada will host the sure permanently or he just standing for Thabo Mokone who has been trying to fill his shoes, but it was difficult because the popularity that Ba2gada has is so big in the country.

The guy has won multiple awards and he was also named the multichoice presenter of the year, which makes him the best radio presenter of the year, which gave him a lot of respect in the industry which boosts the listenership of the station.

Many young people across the country love him because of the originality that he has when he tackles the issues that affect the people of this country, this has given a lot of young people the courage to work hard and reach their dreams.

His voice is been recorded on many smartphones of the youth in this country where they listen to him, when he is not on the sure so that they can always be motivated at all times and share this topic with others at home.

Lesedi FM has been doing a good job when it comes to discovering talent and people like Ba2gada are a testimony to that because he has made it against all odds, in the industr,y and now he has become a successful radio presenter.

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