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Kwaito remarkable peformance on Skeemsam has left people talking



After discovering that John Maputla is his father on Thursday night, Kwaito didn’t take this well and where he took the time to go to the rock where Wallet use to spend some of his time alone when things are not going well for him. Kwaito did what Wallets does by going to that place and express his feelings about what he has found.

The drama was emotional and many people learned a huge lesson where Kwaito will be stronger than before after knowing that his father was the part of his life all this time, but this will be confirmed by the DA results that will be taking by these people so that they can be evidence. Mike’s wishes will come real this time as this truth will be revealed.

Mzanzi was left speechless after seen Kwaito’s emotions going high and climbing the rock that was used by Wallet all this time which got the old guy happy, preach it son said Wallet who was starting to be impressed about Kwaio reactions.

It will all go down to a huge blow when the two sons of Maputla realize that they have a brother who has been a part of them all along but this time they will know, that this brother shares the same blood with them and Thabo will the one who will be affected by this the most.

Miekie attitude might ruin what is called a huge family discovery when things start to hit the community of Turfloop because a gun might be used wrongly, by this angry woman who has been trying to protect his family during these difficult moments.

Mantuli is also trying to put his family together and this secret was a way of protecting them so that it cannot divide them with their neighbors.

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