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Kenyan man shares pictures of house built by cousin



A Kenyan man, Namanda Namanda, recently shared his disappointment regarding the house constructed for him by his cousin at a cost of KSh 3.5 million ($22 500)

KSh 3,500,000 gone, and this is what I am seeing. My cousin, where did I go wrong? How I wish I had hired my neighbour, who is a qualified engineer.

Structural Issues and Regrets

In a viral Facebook post within the Home Beautiful group, Namanda expressed regret over the construction quality. He highlighted numerous structural issues and the use of substandard materials in the building.

Addressing the flaws in the building, Namanda faced the challenging task of rectifying the errors and voiced remorse for not hiring a qualified engineer initially.

Kenyan man advised to destroy the structure and start afresh

Adrian Gachewa, a graduate practising architect from the University of Nairobi, provided insights into the house’s construction. Gachewa emphasized that poor workmanship was evident in the structure’s skeleton – the beams and columns were either off or absent. He further noted that the walls were crooked, and the design was a flop, with misplaced windows among the issues.

Gachewa estimated that the expenses incurred in constructing the house had likely not exceeded R85,000. He attributed the low cost to unskilled labour and a designer who may have drawn the plans hastily.

Lessons learnt by diasporans from Namanda’s case

The unfortunate situation faced by Namanda Namanda serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of hiring qualified professionals in the construction process. It highlights the potential consequences of compromising on expertise and the vital role skilled architects play in ensuring the structural integrity and design aesthetics of a building.

Aspiring homeowners and individuals embarking on construction projects are urged to prioritize skilled professionals to avoid costly mistakes and, ultimately, dissatisfaction with the end result.

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