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Florence Masebe joins “Skeem Saam” as Meikie



Florence Masebe replaces Harriet Manamela on Skeem Saam

Actress Florence Masebe joins Skeem Saam.

Phil Mphela reports that the actress will play the character Meikie Maputla, which was formerly portrayed by Harriet Manamela.

Harriet Manamela, who needed to be placed on sick leave,’s last scene for the season will air on the 5th of April 2024.

From the 15th of May 2024 the character of ‘Meikie Maputla’ will temporarily be played by Florence Masebe.

Viewers dropped various reactions to the news.

“Perfect candidate. She’s a great actress. Speedy recovery to Bo mma,” a tweep wrote.

“I love Mme Florence. She’s such a great actress however there was no need for skeem saam to replace Meikie even if it’s temporary. They should have just written her to go visit her family in the village or something,” another wrote.

“Switching characters makes people lose interest, couldn’t they have just booked her an overseas vacation instead of bringing another person to play the part,” reads another tweet.

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