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Julius Malema continues with his youth day event



Julius Malema is the main guy that seems to go all out to do what he feels he can do because of the tough lockdown restrictions that were implemented, by the president yesterday, and this has caused havoc on the social media platforms.

According to Malema, the president was just trying to disturb the event that they were preparing for the youth day, while he fails to close down schools where there’s a high number of people who are meeting every day at school.

This means that the event that will be hosted today will proceed as it has been expected because the president announced, these rules in a short time ,and people didn’t have to cancel all their plans that they had for today and that is why Malema is fighting like.

It also looks like Malema will continue to shut down schools tomorrow because he did warn the minister of education about this issue and now things will be worse, as he continues with the event today.

Malema feels untreated about the consequences that might come after hosting this event because the police might come and arrest all people who attend the event and chaos may also erupt as his fans might clash down with the police.

Will this be a successful youth event for the Economic Freedom fighters because their policies have been clear all this time, we’re they are fighting for the rights of the workers in this country and represents the poor people.

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