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Angie Motshega hits back on Julius Malema



The minister of education Angie Motshega didn’t waste any time yesterday after the threats that were made by EFF leader Julius Malema, on Thursday when he said that he gives the minister only 7 days to close the school or he will do it by themselves.

A total shut down as what Malema intended to do in 7 days and now it will be much difficult for him to, because he has promised that all his members will do this in different towns in the province where the party has large followers.

Motshega has promised that law will be taken against those who don’t obey the law but knowing the EFF as it is they will push hard to make sure, their plans work because they ate looking on the interest of the learners and teaches who wake up every day in the morning to go school.

It’s a fact that the life of students and teaches is a serious risk because the spreading of the virus is growing every day in the country and this, must be stopped past to make sure the learners are very safe at school and teachers can’t be infected by this virus.

Can the minister change his mind during the week because the third wave of a pandemic is growing every day, and provinces like Free State, are leading with the numbers of those infected with the virus and this might be caused havoc in weeks to come?

The winter season might also make things worse as it’s getting colder and people will be infected with the flu, which can cause this virus as time goes on. Public places are the hotspot of this virus where the movement is of people happening.

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