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Melusi Gigaba turn things around for his wife



Melusi Gigaba has used his state capture appearance to clear rumors that we’re going around in the commission where his wife jas thrown her under the bus, polite Gigaba has started to clear things around as he wants the country to hear the side of his story.

According to Gigaba, his former wife Norma didn’t take their divorce settlements well as she is not satisfied with what she got from their divorce, this made her speak badly about him in the commission so that he can tarnish his name.

Gigaba was testifying on the commission when he reveals this sensitive issue about her wife who has been angry since that day she found her husband cheating, and this leads them to divorce each other.

Their divorce is starting to take another we’re they exposing each other every day and they are using the Zondo commission as a way to eat each other, now things are getting worse each day for both of them because their families might suffer.

It’s all about who will this round as Melusi is revealing their hiding about his who have talk bad about her during her appearance In the commission, which is very disappointing looking at how this two have been knowing each other.

Due to the evidence that has been collected at the commission, the country is waiting to hear both sides of the story, and South Africans are waiting to hear what will happen for Gigaba in the weeks to come.

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