A 31-year-old Millionaire who feeds homeless around South Africa. Check what people spotted


Meet a young South African Millionaire who swims with big sharks.

Here is what you might need to know about Louis JR Tshakoane, a 31-year-old Millionaire who started his business when he was a teenager. Tshakoane was passionate about business from a tender age, his first business was Botho Gym which is based at Gauteng in Tembisa.

With the help of Sir Richard Branson who gave the youth businessman gym equipment worth R2.9 million. Mr. Tshakoane sent Richard Branson a business proposal for a gymnasium. Richard Branson was impressed by the proposal of young man Tshakoane and decided to assist him.

Louis Tshakoane started the gymnasium to help Gauteng youth by keeping them out of the street, using drugs, and getting involved in crimes or substance abuse. People around Tembisa loved Tshakoane’s idea and they started supporting him. Many youths were going to his gym for bodybuilding, Tshakoane was also teaching his students how to prevent themselves from substance abuse.

Louis Tshakoane also started have foundation named Louis JR Tshakoane Foundation which feeds the homeless in Tembisa and Pretoria. Mr. Tshakoane says he is so happy seeing himself bringing some changes to black people, he also wishes god can give him more so that he can make sure that no one sleeps with an empty stomach, not only in Pretoria or Tembisa but the whole of South Africa.

However, many people still believe that he grew up in a rich family and does why everything was so easy for him. Some allegations say Mr. Louis Tshakoane was once arrested before for scamming people. While other people still believe that he is a good Saint who changes the lives of many people.

Despite what people say about him, Mr. Tshakoane still looks strong and passionate about his dreams and achieving his goals. He needs support from locals that will motivate him towards his goals.