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Four killed on a wedding after a wall fell on them



It was supposed to be a perfect day for the couple who were getting married during the weekend after discovering the horrible incident has happened on their wedding during their special day,

we’re a wall was fall and killed four people on that event that was supposed to be a special day with full of entertainment.

The incident was caused by bad weather that was happening during the weekend which has caused serious damages across the province of Limpopo in Lebowakgomo after the wedding ceremony went horrible wrong that weekend which jas claimed four lives on Saturday afternoon.

According to the police the ceremony was hosted inside the tent with the walls outside that was not having roofing which was collapsed during the proceeding of the wedding that day.

Many people were left shocked after this horrible incident has happened in that province that has caused serious sadness on that province.

Many people cannot believe what has happened because the ceremony that was supposed to be the wedding of the year was ended on serious tears.

The police will do the proper investigation on this issue but the rain might be the cause of this issue as the police have mentioned yesterday.

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