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Exposed here is why Judge Mnguni was giving Dali Mpofu an attitude



Yesterday we witnessed a virtual hearing pertaining the former president Jacob Zuma. Zuma was being represented by Advocate Dali Mpofu while the state was being represented by AdvocateTembeka Ngcukaitobi. It was indeed the battle of the giants however it seemed like the judge and the nation had picked their side already. Everyone noticed how dismissive Judge Mnguni was towards Mpofu.

Everytime Advocate Mpofu was delivering his points the judge would look as if he is bored and not even listening to him. This didn’t go down well with many Zuma supporters who are now fuming that the Judge was paid to send Zuma to jail. This allegation began when a screenshot of the court proceedings circulated on social media. On the screenshot a bank notification can be seen showing that money has been deposited from an overseas bank account.

Many Zuma supporters are saying this is an upfront payment for the judge to make sure that Zuma goes behind jail. However some have dismissal this allegation saying the judge was using a laptop not phone during the virtual hearing. Others are of the opinion that it is a mere Photoshop and others are saying the notification is for a guest who was watching the proceedings through the phone.

We really can not tell what is the truth but tension is indeed mounting. At the moment judgement on Zuma’s case has been reserved for 9 July. What’s your take dear reader do you think Judge Mnguni was paid ?. However his attitude towards Advocate Mpofu does raise eyebrows.

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