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“What Happened At Nkandla Was Skillfully Planned From Within The Party”|Read More On Cyril Ramaphosa



According to a report by Times Live, Ramaphosa slammed Zuma’s followers’ threats of violence and behavior in Nkandla.

According to their inside source, “what happened at Nkandla was skillfully organized from within the ANC, by people who want to tell that the African National Congress will collapse if certain things happen.” “What happened in Nkandla, he argued, was not a public uprising, and the ethnic chauvinism that was there was not a popular uprising,” he stated.

Because many intended to encourage acts of bloodshed, he praised the police for their actions. The president stated that we must never dispute the constitution or the Constitutional Court’s sacredness.

Ramaphosa is also alleged to have asked the NEC to back a decision by the national working committee, which is in charge of the party’s day-to-day operations, to dismantle the military vs. civilian commission.

Zuma refused to go to jail even after he got an order from the Constitutional court, this proves just how much powerful he is.

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