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Dineo Ranaka welcomes her baby to the world in style



Congratulations are due to Dineo Ranaka, a star of radio and television who just welcomed her newborn baby.

Ranaka took Instagram to share a bundle of joy with her. “And a child was born to me. Welcome to the small family,” she said. Her entertainment buddies swarmed her page with congratulatory notes.

Dineo, who got married at the start of the year in 2020, introduced her husband. She uploaded a snap, now gone, that her spouse kissed herself.

The legacy celebrity Manaka Ranaka recently went to Instagram to display the look of her baby in a humorous video. She introduced him on his six-month birthday as a baby dragon to her followers. The actress posted a Tik Tok video in which the face of her son became a dragon.

On December 15, 2020, Baby Dragon was born and his mom conveyed the wonderful news by posting a snap with her nice tiny hand. For most of 2020, she kept her pregnancy concealed from the media. When Manaka gave a Daily Sun exclusive, she and her man expected a bunch of delight.

It’s the same feeling that I felt when I had my two girls, so it’s nothing new. People said they hope that I’m having a boy, but we’re going to see. I look forward to a child being born. I’m not careful about whether it’s a boy or a girl, as long as it’s not an animal,” she remarked.

“Boys and girls are equally essential and have various social functions.”

I don’t necessarily believe that boys are better. They are legacy carriers according to society and cultural conventions. Girls bring children into our world, too.”

In June, Dineo was requested to lose her calm air during her #AskAMan show on Metro FM and find answers to aid people with relationship issues.

One Twitter user went to Twitter to share his views on a phone conversation for the listener. “Why most women are so dumb. Why would you practice the cultural stuff of another man while he’s not doing yours? Come on yerr women.” He tweeted. He tweeted.

Dineo answered the on-air tweet and many believed her reply was inappropriate. But she didn’t do it because she recommended the tweep to increase their hearing skills.

I didn’t use the foolish word for insulting him. Listen carefully in the future. I have a pretty good EQ in my profession and I thoroughly grasp the ethics and demands of my work. I used the word dumb to say it and repeat it again as a praise for “Stupid” women

She also noted that, but was really firm, she didn’t lose her patience. “I haven’t lost my temper. My temper. I’ve been really firm. This forum is vital for managing verbal harassment of women. Is it difficult to hear a woman standing on the right radio? The anticipation is that I’ll be right? No sir, not in cases of verbal abuse of women.”

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