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A 21-year-old lady from KZN A 21-year-old lady from KZN allegedly impregnated by her 52-year-old biological father



KZN woman refuses to break off 9-year ’sexual affair’ with her father. A 21-year-old woman who was allegedly raped by her father over a nine-year period has refused to end their sexual relationship. The woman, who has since fallen pregnant, identified another man as her baby’s father but it was later revealed that her father had impregnated her.

The woman’s refusal to end the affair has caused a rift in the family and a team of social workers has been assigned to investigate the matter with a view to providing counselling to the family and offering ongoing psychosocial support to the woman who has suffered humiliation at the hands of her stepdaughter.

A 21-year-old from KwaZulu-Natal was allegedly impregnated by her biological father who is 52. According to Blessing Ramoba, this man started sleeping with his daughter at the age of 12 years, “KwaZulu-Natal: A 52-year-old man was discovered to have allegedly been sleeping with his biological daughter for years” Blessings went to reveal the shocking news. “The man allegedly started sleeping with the daughter at the age of 12; after she visited him in the to get money to buy groceries” Reported Blessings, Ramona.

Blessings went on and got into some sensitive detail that this girl is now pregnant “it’s beloved that the girl, now ages 21, is pregnant and claims that the father is a local man, however, she refuses to end the relationship with he biological father” Concluded Blessings.

She expressed shock at the incident adding that such acts showed that there were those in communities who had lost their moral compass.

Khoza called on communities to stand together and call out those involved in child abuse, rape and gender-based violence.

“If the communities did not keep quiet for so long, such dastardly acts may have been averted earlier. Our communities should understand that ignoring cases of sexual exploitation perpetuates such actions.

“We want to appeal to the SAPS to conduct a thorough investigation and put forward a strong case for prosecution against the man. As a society, we need to send a strong message to perpetrators of such crimes that we have zero tolerance for their disgusting behaviour,” Khoza said.

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