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Zuma calls SA constitutional dictatorship



Jacob Zuma has called the judiciary of this country a justice dictatorship after losing his court case last week, and he had made the former president express his views on Monday we’re he attacked the current judiciary system because they didn’t treat him well.

But this has started to point fingers at other high profile people in government and the Anc which have captured the while judiciary and this has been one of the hectic things, that the country has to look on because Ramaphosa has been winning every court case since he has become the president of the country.

Jacob was granted parole earlier this month because of the sickness that he has sustained from prison where he was serving his 15 monthly sentences, and his future is still a serious threat because of these cases that he will be attending in your soon we’re he might get another sentence if found guilty.

But this will have to be one of the nightmares that Zuma will have to think about them because they might happen in the months to come when the court takes a decision, about his future and it might end up for many people in this country because he is well supported by many people.

The recent lootings that took place in August have proven that the former president is well-loved by the majority of this country because people took it to the street after his arrest, to burn the trucks and loot from the shops so that their voices can be heard by the government.

Will Ramaphosa comes through for Zuma for the sake of unity in the Anc because has caused serious divisions in the structures of the party, we’re many people don’t know who to follow because Ramaphosa has taken all the power that Zuma had before in the National Executive Committee.

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