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Zuma 9 years of presidency has turn to be good years on this country



South Africans have started to realize that Zuma’s years of being the president of this country have been good years of not experiencing load shedding in this country.

But South Africans kept on saying that the guptas may have a huge influence on the state affairs of this country, but the unemployment rate was low during his time.

These have also been years where corruption was high in the country and people were looking for some that can cheer them up, but those days are gone because now people are starting to see Zuma on different Zuma.

This is absolutely looking good on how things are going now and how things were going during the Zuma era, where many people were working and crime was less in the country.

This might be a challenge that Ramaphosa is facing but can he lead to the expectation, as people of this country are waiting for a huge turnaround when it comes to the economy.

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