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Cyril Ramaphosa administration is becoming a nightmare for South Africans



Many people have started to realize the current administration of Cyril Ramaphosa is gettingg, bad every day where people are losing their jobs.

This is not what was expected when Ramaphosa was taken over we’re most people were hoping, for the dawn of era from their president by leading them to a promised land where possibilities were about to come alive,

And job creation will be a solution that anyone is about to have by becoming an employment

But this didn’t happen like this a huge number of people are still unemployed, and crime is becoming more serious in the country where police are been killed every day.

The coronavirus pandemic has also added fuel onto the fire where many South Africans, will have to sleep without knowing what they are going to eat tomorrow as they have lost their jobs.

The economic recovery is also not working in favor of ordinary South Africans, because they had to work twice every day I make sure that they put the bread on the table.

It won’t be easy for the president to fix this in a year or two years period because a lot of companies, are still retrenching their employees which makes this problem worse.

Many businesses are also experiencing difficult times, where they are losing profits every day because the market is not good like it used before.

This is a nightmare for many people because they didn’t expect this to happen this time, not when their hopes were high that the struggle of poverty is over.

But this has become an everyday challengee, which people have lost hope that it will never end because of conflicts that are on the Anc this day.

We’re many members ate forced to step aside due to corruption allegations they are  facing.


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