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Zodwa wabantu ben10 want R15 000 monthly allowance



Zodwa wa bantu life has turn to be dramatic this days and what have just happen can live you shocked.

Unlike many individuals, Zodwa Wabantu does not relish the idea of seeing others fail. In terms of her business acumen, she has always served as an example, and we are confident that she is well-liked by her peers.

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The Ben 10’s who date Zodwa have been encouraged to moonlight with a purpose, according to her Instagram account. “Hello guys, to all my Ben 10s, men have a look at me, I sell sex in exchange for which I am given a car,” she stated in her video message. Consequently, to any Ben 10 who is dating me: if you’re going to be out there while dating me in the sense of hustling, ask for money and a driver’s licence. Never request champagne or alcoholic beverages.

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