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Skeem Saam| Things are getting difficult for Lehasa



Lehasa Maphosa has not been lucky when it comes to love since his late wife Zandile left this world and he tried to be stable most times but things were always going bad for him, which has turned him into a person that doesn’t want a serious love but only to have fun.

But the guy has just found a new love that will help him to find his tube about life which has been so difficult for him were don’t care about others, but it has always been business as usual for Lehasa who will do anything to make sure that he makes a lot of money for himself.

Pretty pregnant might ruined everything for Lehasa as his new love is trying to settle in on their new home and now this bad news might cause serious harm for his new relationship his onto, but the guy is having his uncle on his corner and as the old person he might deal with this on a professional way.

It will be chaos in the Skeem Saam in the weeks to come looking at how things have ended between Pretty and Lehasa and this issue has started to raise questions for many people in the country, about how they will handle this thing as adults that are supposed to have children.

But Lehasa has to be true to himself because he has been looking for a child for a long now and this time it will be the surprise of his time when he hears this good news that will come from Seakamela, but the new love that is going on might be threatened by this news that will come out.

Will Lehasa do the right thing and accept his child or he will try to keep this a secret so that he cannot cause pain for his new lover that has been doing good things, and it might also cause havoc on some of his business that he owns because he has started to mix business with pleasure.

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