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Vyno accused of sexual harassment by viewers – iReport South Africa News




Violating someone is easy. You assume they are playing hard to get and you keep on “pushing” their buttons until they see things the same way you do.

Playing hard to get is unnecessary in this day and age. When you want something, go for it. There should be a clear harmony between what you want and what you say. It is wrong to act like you don’t want something because you want to be “convinced” by the other person.

Terry and Vyno set the TL on fire last night. Many people assumed that they have chemistry and could have it develop into something solid. I’m part of the ‘many people’. Terry is playing hard to get and it seems like Vyno is up for the challenge. That on its own makes the reality show more interesting and fun to watch.

However, what if we are misinterpreting Terry’s refusal at Vyno’s advances as “hard to get”? What if she really doesn’t want him and we are assuming that she does because she blushes when she’s with him?

I think it’s unfair of Terry to put us in such a position. She should not give confusing signals to both Vyno and the viewers. The last thing we want is for her to say that she felt forced to give in to Vyno because he couldn’t take no for an answer.

There’s already an army claiming that Vyno is harassing her on social media. We live in very sensitive times, a simple joke is turned into a teaching moment faster than you can retract it. Terry should be clear about her feelings so that Vyno can leave her alone if she really doesn’t want him.

Thoughts? Is Vyno harassing Terry or she’s just playing hard to get?

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