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Video: Mzansi reacts to Julius Malema’s dance moves



The prominent EFF Leader Julius Malema was recorded showcasing his slick dance moves during Makhadzi’s show. He was invited to the stage and as expected he gave the fans something to talk about.

In the video Makhadzi openly give Malema the floor and she later joined him as the two enjoyed the beat to one of Makhadzi’s songs. Tweeps did not let this slide without commenting on the EFF leader’s moves.

Tagging the video with the caption ‘Quick summary of how things are going in South Africa’ here are some of the comments to Malema’s dance,

“So all comrades dance like this?”

“Our future president is losing morals”

“Angeke hahahaha Eishhhh Julius Malema must just stick to whipping politicians into order.”

“That’s leadership…… I wonder what happened to bring back the land”

“I remember he said he might be having a black belt in karate, I see now.”

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