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Video: Local prophet hits a female congregant during an unconvincing sprit exorcism



A video of a local prophet performing a spirit exorcism on a female congregant is trending on social media. In the video the prophet hits the woman with a few jabs before she starts screaming in a deep voice as if the spirit is about to leave her body.

Whilst the lady screams, the local prophet jogs as if he is assisting the spirit to leave the woman. At one point he even showcases his karate skills by throwing a good round kick whilst facing the possessed woman. Luckily he does not hit her with the kick which looks as if it is to frighten the spirit within the woman.

People on social media are not pleased with what they see and the act is pretty unconvincing that many deem it fake. Taking to twitter here are some of the comments from members of the public:

“Why does god supposedly make people do such ‘funny’ things?”

“Our mothers have became your pastors punching bag , this is 150% wrong, these pastors are sick.”

Video: Local prophet hits a female congregant during an unconvincing sprit exorcism

“It is very painful to see that . I don’t know really if our people are brainwashed. They need help. The only help can come from the government and if the government is not willing, other political formations should help them. This churches must be closed. That is assault.”

“South Africans love miracles Bro that’s what I can tell you An those people who have those magic they make them pay to see these woman jump like this . From there when they have money they make sure to have bodyguards shame my RSA citizens”

Prophets have been telling congregants a lot of things which many feel they need to be dealt with. Just this year some old women were told to throw jabs and fight demons. It was sad seeing such old women throwing jabs in air just to fight what they cannot see, feel or touch.

Another prophet from Limpopo told congregants that he could heal them by farting in their faces. Not one time did Jesus do such to people or any other character from the Bible. People believe in many things but it is important that one understands the things they believe in because the same Bible warns against false prophets.

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