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Uzalo star Wiseman Mncube slams Nompilo for ‘cruel’ auditions




Wiseman Mncube, who plays Sibonelo in Uzalo, Jama in eHostela and Mqhele Zulu in The Wife, has expressed his disappointment with his fellow actor Nompilo Mwelase. She has been slammed for being “cruel and heartless” to the aspiring actors who auditioned in Durban recently.

Mwelase, who portrays Nokuthula on SABC 1’s Skeem Saam, faced backlash on social media. Many hopefuls complained that she did not give them a chance to show their talent.

The auditions were held at the Bat Centre in Durban. Black Brains Pictures was looking for IsiZulu-speaking actors.

Some hopefuls claimed they were abruptly interrupted by Mwelase. She is also accused of favouring people who are already in the acting industry. Some said they went home devastated after being exposed to humiliation and harsh rejection.

Mncube said the auditioners should have a heart for the hopefuls. “If I advertise that I’m hosting auditions for a certain production and I need you to prepare a monologue song dance piece or a Poem. I should give you a chance to showcase what you’ve prepared even if I see that ‘okay, you are not the look I’m looking for but let me give you a chance to prove me otherwise’,” Mncube wrote on his Facebook page.

“This thing of saying I’ve been through this and that must change manje cause when we were going through that it wasn’t nice.

“It was also hard on us and it’s time we change that because I don’t buy this thing of saying it’s part of the game. Because all we are doing is condoning it. Remember that behind the auditionee is a person. So give that person a chance to showcase what you’ve advertised that you are looking for.

“I could be wrong because I believe in genuine craft, not looks. We are here to act, not to showcase how good looking we are. This has made me toy with the idea of opening up my modeling production.”

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