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Skomota’s Viral Video Raises Concerns About His Well-being “Is He Being Abused”




A recent viral video featuring Skomota and his alleged manager, Moruti Wa Dikota, has sparked worry among fans about Skomota’s welfare.

The video, which surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), shows Moruti berating Skomota for not following instructions during a promotional video shoot. However, details about when the video was recorded remain unclear.

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In the video, Moruti can be seen angrily reprimanding Skomota for not holding bottles correctly during the advertising promo. His frustrated tone and gestures have led many to question the healthiness of their working relationship. The video quickly gained traction, with thousands of comments and reactions flooding social media.

Fans have expressed mixed opinions on the matter. Some dismissed the claims of abuse, stating that similar scenarios are common in the industry. @Bonginkosi8715 sympathetically remarked, “It’s hard being Skomota,” while @SavageMaveriick suggested that people only care about Skomota’s money.

On the other hand, @Moraremagaela defended Moruti, stating that his behaviour is typical of the Bakone culture. @AliMogashoa emphasized that work is work and not necessarily abusive, while @Phaahla88 saw the situation as a normal part of their lives.

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While the video has raised concerns about Skomota’s well-being, it is essential to remember that social media often amplifies situations without providing the full context. Only time will tell if there are any underlying issues between Skomota and Moruti or if this was simply a momentary clash in a high-pressure work environment.

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Overall, the video serves as a reminder that fame and success do not shield individuals from challenging situations, and it’s important to approach such incidents with empathy and understanding.

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