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Uyajola 99 has got people angry again



People were left in tears on Sunday evening when Jub Jub hosted one of the best shows again that left people talking, and this time he is on the wrong side of the people because of how he handled certain things on the show which has left many people angry on how he is done things.

It was very dramatic n Sunday night were many viewers days that Jub Jub was not able to force some people about cheating on their partner.

It has left the whole country talking on social platforms about this issue that has just happened on the show on Sunday evening.

Maybe Jub Jub was supposed to handle this matter in a different way that could have made them happy.

The shows have become one of the most talked-about in every household in the country because of the affairs that happening in the families.

This has exposed many people who are not committed to their loved ones because of the affairs they have outside.

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