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Muvenda song has caused havoc in this country



Limpopo has produced another artist again by the name of Goodie GT who has got people talking about this festive after releasing one of the best songs that got the country dancing this Monday.script async src=””>

People are happy to see this young man causing a lot of fun on social media platforms.

Mzanzi has shown love to this young who is causing havoc in the entertainment industry.

Many people have been commenting a lot about him on Twitter where he has been trending all day in the afternoon because of this talent that has been unleashed.
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A lot is happening in the industry where amapiano music has taken over and many artists feel challenged about this whole situation we’re they want to sing a different rhythm that is the same as piano music.

Limpopo has been one of the provinces that have produced lots of talent this is year’s which has got the country standing.

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