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Tough lockdown rules expected in the country



To lockdown, rules might be knocking on the door as the new minister of health Mamoloko Kubayi coming with new ideas that can stop, the spreading of the Covod19 virus which has hit the country so bad won’t e from last year when the virus was starting to infect the people.

This time the minister wants to fix everything as she looks to fight the second wave of the coronavirus which has started to cause more harm in the country, but this might happen very soon because the command counsel will meet very soon to discuss this issue.

But sadness has stricken provinces like Free State we’re many people have been killed by this virus, which makes things worse every day because hospital beds are getting full and people are experiencing a lot of challenges every day.

Some reports are stating that the country might expect the fourth wave of the virus if the government doesn’t implement youth rules, which can stop the spreading of this virus during the movement mostly in high school.

Schools and taverns are the worrying factors where large crowds are gardening every day and this makes the virus infect many people in the country, but if this thing can be closed very soon this pandemic can slow down.

This will also help the department on the process that they do of fascinating the people of this country, this will help the process to go well because people will have to stay few days at home so that they can be healed.

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