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The Seed actress ‘Zakithi’ Nokubonga Khuzwayo’s business empire



Nokubonga Khuzwayo is as ambitious off-screen as her character on-screen. The actress’ character as Zakithi is an ambitious and self-driven woman known for speaking her mind and even standing up against her late father. She runs her late father’s company and helps keep the legacy alive. She is hardly any different in real life as the actress is self-driven and would do anything, even humble jobs, to build her financial empire and take care of her family. Let’s look at Imbewu: The Seed, the seed actress Nokubonga Khuzwayo’s business empire.

The most significant role of Nokubonga Khuzwayo’s career came as a recurring role in etv’s hit drama series Imbewu: The Seed. She takes on the part of the Bhengu family’s eldest daughter, who is unlucky in love but excellent in running the family business. However, in her real life, she looks like she has the same knack for business and working hard.

Nokubonga Khuzwayo in Imbewu:The Seed-Image Source(Instagram/nokhuz)
Nokubonga Khuzwayo in Imbewu:The Seed-Image Source(Instagram/nokhuz)

Growing up with a widowed mother with five children was hard on Nokubonga and her twin sister Nokwanda. The two took responsibility for some of the family’s expenses at an early age. Nokubonga found her first job as a waitress in Durban. Her sister found a job at a call centre to help their mother with the bills.

Imbewu: The Seed actress Nokubonga Khuzwayo’s career

Nokubonga Khuzwayo:-Image Source(Instagram/nokhuz)
Nokubonga Khuzwayo:-Image Source(Instagram/nokhuz)

In 2003 Nokubonga was discovered together with Nokwanda after becoming part of a play at Grahamstown Arts Festival called Madiba’s Magic song. After that, the two both quit their jobs and opened a beauty salon. This was all so that the actress and her sister could focus on their dancing, acting and singing. They wanted to grow them into careers that would sustain them later in life.

Nokubonga Khuzwayo's business empire
Nokubonga Khuzwayoas a musician-Image Source(Instagram/nokhuz)

After that, their career was primarily focused on theatre performing, and she went on a world tour. Nokubonga was touring Europe while based in Taipei, Hamburg, London and Las Vegas. Nokubonga is also a fitness freak who teaches women how to be comfortable in their skins. She has faced body image issues before. She is also a good dancer and a singer who recently dropped a single together with her sister Nokwanda her on-screen sister Kazi Vuyo and her twin sister Vuyelwa Tshona.

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