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Taxi violence has started to affect passengers in CapeTown



The people of Cape town are still struggling to use the taxis this week after the horrible incident that has happened last week where the bus driver was shot by angry taxi drivers who were fighting each other, and this has caused the problem to be more challenging as the routes were closed.

Residents are struggling to get to work because they were putting all their hopes onto the taxi drivers as they were fetching them every morning when they were taking them to work, but now things are starting to be more difficult because no taxi operator is using any routes in the city.

The South African Defense Force was also deployed on that area to put order and bring peace to those who were fighting in the taxi rank, but this looks like it will take more time as both parties are still trying to find a solution to their problems that can help them to get back to work.

The issue of routes might be the cause of this problem because all associations and taxi bosses want to benefit something from these routes, and others might complain that they were given routes that are not making money for them which is very difficult for them.

The challenges that are affecting the industry are far from over because this has been happening for years in the country where the taxi bosses are trying to use guns, as a way that can solve their problems but they don’t know that these guns are the ones that are causing more problems.

Passengers are affected by this problem that has arisen in this industry which makes them be killed by the drivers when they are shooting at each other, and people have decided to use other transport that can take them to work like trains and buses which are cheaper than the taxis.

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