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Taxi drivers vs Somalians the war is getting out of hands in Eastern Cape



Gqeberha taxi owners want compensation from the government form their damaged taxi’s by Somalian’s during a fully blown fight with taxi drivers involving gunfire and burnings, the violence erupted when a Somalian national got into an accident with a Zulu taxi driver.

It is believed that an argument started immediately after where the two parties were refusing to take responsibility for the accident, and then the Somalian

National man shot the Zulu Taxi driver which started a chain of events which saw the destruction that happened.

The owners demand the government to compensate them in recovering their burned and damaged taxi’s.

However their demands were not received very well by most people who understand that the government had nothing to do

their taxis which were destroyed unless they are trying to justify it by giving a racist reason why they are asking for compensation from the government.

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