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Spar Employee Commits Suicide After Viral Tlof Tlof Video?



Spar Employee Commits Suicide After Viral Tlof Tlof Video?

An unidentified employee from Spar, who gained widespread attention after a video of her pleasuring herself surfaced online, is rumoured to have tragically committed suicide.

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Internet Frenzy: Social Media Split Over Drake and Spar Lady Scandals

On Tuesday, the internet was buzzing with discussions, and social media users were divided along gender lines following controversies involving Drake and a woman who was identified as a Spar employee by her work uniform.

Drake, on one hand, caused chaos when a video allegedly showing him fiddling with his third leg leaked online.

Meanwhile, back on South African soil, a woman caught in a video playing with her kuku while on duty sparked a frenzy. The clip, which was obviously meant only for her romantic partner’s eyes, unexpectedly went public on social media.


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Spar Employee’s Alleged Suicide Shakes Internet

As debates raged regarding the ethics of sharing someone’s private content online, rumours began to circulate that the Spar employee might have tragically ended her life due to the shame of going viral over a leaked tlof tlof video.

However, sources close to the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for her safety, informed Swisher Report that she is indeed alive, contrary to online speculation.


“The Spar lady is alive let’s stop spreading fake news,” the source revealed.

At the time of publishing, the origin of the leak and rumour that she committed suicide remains unknown

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