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A collaboration? Boity links up with Ice Spice (Photos)



Ice Spice and Boity

Boity Thulo silenced her haters as she shared photos revealing the great time she had at the 66th Grammy Awards.

The South African star took some photos with the Mzansi Grammy winner Tyla and also with the American rapper Ice Spice.

She shared these photos and more on her social media account, yet people refused to stop talking about the viral video where Boity was pushed on the red carpet.

“These pictures are so cringe💔after seeing that video of them pushing you when she was coming through,” a comment reads.

“Lol why are people so mad? The camera guy bumped her by accident. They moved on,” another wrote.

“Atleast she got the picture,” reads another comment.

However, we think a collaboration is possible as Boity has been working on her comeback in the music industry following a long hiatus.

See photos below:


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