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Skomota Stuns Social Media with Whopping Booking Fee



In a recent social media storm, TikTok sensation Skomota, also known as Ngwana Sesi, grabbed headlines as his rate card surfaced online, leaving fans and netizens astonished.

The star, who openly expressed regret over the trappings of celebrity life, is making waves for charging a staggering R90,000 for a single booking.

Skomota’s skyrocketing popularity reached new heights when a netizen shared a revealing text conversation with the star’s manager.

The interaction unfolded when an unidentified individual inquired about the cost of booking Skomota for a performance.

The manager nonchalantly responded with the eye-popping figure of R90,000, which left the person shocked at how expensive he is.

The screenshot of this conversation was swiftly shared by @DJJawz on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption: “Skomota doesn’t play around!!!”.

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