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“She Looks Like Winnie Mandela, Zuma Must Tell The Truth”- Dudu Becomes The National Crush



Former President Jacob Zuma was addressing the nation last night regarding his jail sentence and as expected, it was a lobby for sympathy as he started attacking the judiciary system relating it to the Apartheid system where people were sentenced without a fair trial.

Sitting next to him was his daughter, Dudu-Zuma Sambudla who has been showing her support for his father and has been asking why PW Botha was never sentenced for mass killings during apartheid and keeps walking free.

During Zuma’s media address, Dudu started being the area of interest regarding her looks. Many people say that she looks like her twin brother Duduzane but others disagree and say that she looks like the late Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

Dudu’s looks are the least of her worries and in her latest tweet, she says that Zuma is the people’s president and their choice. The growing support that the former head of state has been overwhelming, even law enforcement has decided not to interfere as people continue breaking lockdown regulations in Nkandla.

Dudu’s undying love for her father is remarkable. This only proves one thing that she knows her father way better than the rest of the world and that the world can attack him but she will stand next to him no matter what. She looks at him with eyes full of love and admiration. She has been caught smiling at every angle, a smile that has left the whole country speechless.

South African men say that she is now the National Crush, that when she smiles, they smile too. They say say that her rile in her father’s briefing was to show off her beauty and theey agree that when they look at her, they see Winnie Mandela.

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