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Police Officer Killed In Durban Crash, Five Others Injured




An accident on the N7 towards Durban, between the Belville bridge and the N2 interchange, resulted in the loss of a police officer’s life and injuries to five other individuals.

The unfortunate sequence of events occurred in two separate crashes, causing chaos and disruption on the road.

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According to paramedics who arrived at the scene, the initial crash involved an overturned truck, which left two people injured. However, the situation took a turn for the worse when a second truck lost control and collided with the overturned truck and several other vehicles.

The impact of this collision caused extensive damage and led to the injuries sustained by the police officer and other victims.

In light of the severity of the accidents, motorists were promptly advised to avoid the affected route in both directions.

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The scene of the incident was described as one of total devastation, as emergency services were in the process of recovering the overturned truck when the second truck careened into the accident site.

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The second truck ploughed into two police vehicles, two trucks, and two civilian vehicles, exacerbating the scale of the tragedy.

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